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Fitting Guide | Men's Hats | How to choose the right size for your hat

All you need to know about measuring your head size

By Clara

Here at Karen Henriksen HQ, we offer unusual designer hats caps for men, in a very wide range of sizes, and in 1cm increments. We do this because nothing compares to the comfort of a hat or flat cap that fits perfectly.

If you are a bit of a hat fan already, you may have a hat that fits you at home. It will most likely have a measurement in cm on it.

If not, then read on to measure your head size at home.

How to measure your head size3.jpeg

How to take my measurement?

You will need:

-a flexible sewing tape measure, or some string and a long ruler.

-a willing friend / partner/ neighbour / relative / child

Choosing your fit is quite a personal decision (and will also probably depend on the style of hat) - how would you like your hat or flat cap to feel? Snug and secure? Loose and free flowing? Or somewhere in between?

Whichever way you would like it to feel, ask your friend to wrap the tape around your forehead and the back of your head in this way. The tape should feel the way you’d like your hat or flat cap to feel.

Flat caps in particular do need to be a good fit, and can be worn in different ways - i.e. straight on, or higher on the forehead and pulled down deep at the back. The shape of your head comes into it, too - read on for more on this. (See also our post on face shapes)

Get your friend to read the measurement and make a note of it. In centimetres please!

How high should I place the tape on my forehead?

How to measure your head size By Karen Henriksen.png

It’s worth taking a moment to consider this: shallower flat caps will sit higher on your forehead than deeper styles, and some of the beret styles and trilby hats may sit a little deeper still. Depending on the shape of your head, for some people, this could mean a slightly different measurement for one hat, compared with another.

You should place the tape approximately where your hat would sit. i.e. a little higher up for flat caps, a little lower for trilby hats.

Head sizing: an art rather than a science

Orders from Karen Henriksen are made to size for you in the London studio. That said, if your hat doesn’t feel exactly right, please notify Karen within 5 days of receiving it. She will then make another one for you, one size up or down.

Take your head measurement with care, but remember: it is an art rather than a science…

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks to Kelvin Birk, our friend and neighbour at Cockpit Arts, for modelling

Style Guide|Men’s Hats | Face shapes

How to find the ideal flat cap or beret cap for your face shape

By Clara

Face shapes and body shapes are an intuitive thing - you might have a general sense of what hats and flat caps work for you without knowing exactly why. It can sometimes be useful to hone in on these things when choosing clothes or a hat. Here are a few tips and suggestions for you to experiment with.

We wanted to create a specific style guide for Karen’s extensive collection of men’s flat caps and men’s beret caps. Thanks to Karen’s creative approach to hat design and expert pattern-cutting skill, they are quite unlike any generic styles to be found on the high street - hence this style guide for men!

What is your face shape?


Ask your friends / family to take a good look at your face! 

It’s generally easier for others to see.  

The main face shapes are: oval, round, diamond, square and heart-shape. Since we've begun the conversation on men’s face shapes, we are finding that most people are more than one shape, i.e. long oval, rounded square and so on.

Add in the mix whether you have a long or short forehead, prominent ears, whether you wear glasses or a beard: you now have a whole load of variables beyond your face shape! It’s all about getting the right balance and proportion to suit your face. Everyone is different!

First and Foremost… Your Forehead

 Eric: Oval Face Shape. Eric wears  Clive  (left) and  Assa  (right). Photos from the Hats for Everyman  Project .

Eric: Oval Face Shape. Eric wears Clive (left) and Assa (right). Photos from the Hats for Everyman Project.

Eric suits many of hat styles with his oval face shape. With his longer forehead, we would suggest choosing deeper-fitting flat cap styles such as Clive, Otley, Shelvey, or any of the beret-caps.

Equally If you have a shorter forehead, the shallower men’s flat caps would suit you well, such as Garvey and Skipton. Here is what I mean by deeper or shallower fit:

Karen Henriksen- Mens Face Shapes for Flat Caps- Garvey and Clive Depth Comparison.jpg

Men’s Face Shapes: it takes all sorts

 Alex: Long heart shape face. Alex wears  Otley  (left),  Assa  (centre),  Clyde  (right)

Alex: Long heart shape face. Alex wears Otley (left), Assa (centre), Clyde (right)

Alex’s long heart face shape suits fuller flat cap and beret cap shapes, to give a little extra width, and balance out the length of his face. Otley is the widest flat cap style. Clyde also adds extra width with that flattering softer beret-style cap. If you have a long face like Alex, avoid narrow hat styles or anything that adds height.

 Brandon: Oval face shape. Brandon wears  Gower  (left) and  DC Windswept  cap (right)

Brandon: Oval face shape. Brandon wears Gower (left) and DC Windswept cap (right)

Brandon’s oval face shape suits most hat styles. Generous berets and caps good if you happen to have generously-sized ears, as they helpfully cover and create more volume around this area.

 Matt: diamond shape face. Matt wears  Skipton  (left),  Kirby  (centre) and  Shelvey  (right)

Matt: diamond shape face. Matt wears Skipton (left), Kirby (centre) and Shelvey (right)

If you have a diamond face shape like Matt , pick out caps with a fair amount of depth and a bit of width too, such as Clive, Shelvey, Clyde or Assa. Diamond face shapes can be a little more tricky than other face shapes, but definitely avoid any flat cap that’s narrow or men’s hats that add a lot of height.

 James: long square face shape. James wears  Gower  (left),  Skipton  (centre),  Assa  (right). Photos from the Hats for Everyman  Project .

James: long square face shape. James wears Gower (left), Skipton (centre), Assa (right). Photos from the Hats for Everyman Project.

If you have a long square face shape like James, choose rounder shapes, such as flattering beret caps with a bit more volume. His beard is also helping to soften the straighness of his face. Peaks are helpful for glasses wearers as they add volume in front of your face.

Finally… Colour and tone

Choose colours that will contrast with you skin tone - generally avoid colours that are too close to your skin tone as it can make you look washed out.

Matching your hat to your eye colour is pretty much guaranteed to look great - especially if you have blue or green eyes, look out for the lovely seagrass/ blue toning tweeds. Grey haired men shouldn’t shy away from wearing tones of grey, textured grey tweeds.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed these few pointers. Let us know your thoughts!

Join us in London as the Autumn Show season begins

The Autumn season kicks off with a trio of London shows at South Bank, Kew Gardens and Marylebone. Karen will unveil her latest designs for Autumn/Winter 2018/19, which includes distinctive tailored flat caps, women's winter hats, trilby hats for men and women aswell as berets and cloche hats.

Material Consequences at designjunction: 20-23 September 2018

Material Consequences is Karen's latest collaboration with five talented designer-makers and fellow Cockpit Arts residents. All are united by a thoughtful, innovative, and often playful approach to materials.  

Installed during The London Design Festival on the Southbank, Material Consequences will be showing from 20-23 September 2018 at Design Junction, Doon Street - Ground Floor, Stand C28.

Alongside a selection of brimmed hats, flat caps, peaked caps and berets by Karen Henriksen you can discover one-off or limited edition pieces by jewellers Rentaro Nishimura, Petra Bishai, Tania Clarke Hall, by leather accessories designer Candice Lau and by printmaker Ruth Martin. 

Find out more about the Material Consequences designers here.

Handmade at Kew: 4-7 October 2018

We're returning to this elegant contemporary craft show in the stunning grounds of Kew Gardens. An oppotunity to explore the collection and try on men's and women's hats, and perhaps find the perfect winter hat to see you through the colder months! Blaize (pictured below) is a distinctive everyday cap for women, now available in rich teal wool tweed.

We have a limited number of invitations available exclusively to our newsletter subscribers, which also give you free entry to Kew Gardens. Join us here to request yours.

Further information about the show can be found here.

MADE London Marylebone: 18-21 October 2018

The beautiful former church designed by Sir John Soane in Marylebone will once again be the setting for MADE London Marylebone, which returns with an exciting selection of contemporary craft makers. Expect to see a selection of winter flat caps for men, fedora and trilby hats for women, such as Bergman pictured below.

Find out more about MADE Marylebone here.

Pssst... Our secret sale starts soon!


To make room for new styles, the secret sale is back with generous caps, trilby hats, visors and brimmed hats. Just in time for those late summer sunrays!

The secret sale is only for our e-mail subscribers - just sign up here to get your access code.

Once logged in, you'll be able to browse a range of discontinued styles and samples at 50% to 70% off, and a selection of current collection pieces at 20% off. The sale will run 7-21 August 2018.

Coming up this month: Scoop

We're excited to be returning to Scoop this Summer, the prestigious trade event for fashion accessories at Saatchi Gallery from 22 to 24 July 2018. 

Karen will be presenting both Autumn/Winter 18/19 and Spring/Summer 19 from the women’s ready-to-wear range. The collections re-interpret everyday hat styles such as fedoras, caps, trilby hats and berets. Whilst often evocative of another era, the hats remain distinctly modern and practical, with a wonderfully informal elegance.

Karen will also showcase the latest couture millinery collection, for the first time at Scoop. Similarly singular in its approach, this range combines traditional model millinery materials and techniques with contemporary applications and a flattering minimalist aesthetic.


Seoul International Handmade Fair and Hong Kong visit

We are in the midst of preparations to attend the Seoul International Handmade Fair. Even though Karen's work can be seen in stockists in Korea, it's our first time taking part in a retail fair in Seoul. On display will be our range of tailored hats, including summery brimmed hats, asymmetric berets and beach-ready visors. In particular Karen will be showcasing the Petra women's peaked cap (pictured). Petra now comes in 3 limited editions: black irish linen, red with a straw peak and navy blue with a striking  printed suede peak.

The fair is an ambitious show of all things handmade, taking place 24-27 May 2018. The Fair describes itself as a festival of handmade culture and we're thrilled to be taking part alongside fellow Cockpit Arts studio-holders Rentaro Nishimura (jewellery) and Studio Candice Lau (bags and accessories).

Prior to the fair Karen will be stopping off in Hong Kong to visit our fabulous and long-standing stockist Hatwoman. Karen will be in-store offering styling advice to clients on Monday 21 May 2018, timings to be confirmed.

Please get in touch if you're in Seoul or Hong Kong and would like to find out more.

 Image by  Hatwoman

Image by Hatwoman

Unveiled: the craft of millinery exhibition round-up

This exciting milinery exhibition was held at the historic Artworkers' Guild in Bloomsbury which made for a beautiful setting. Supported by the Worshipful company of Feltmakers, as part of London Craft Week 2018. 

Karen created a one-off hand-stitched red hat especially for the exhibition The design is based on the 'Mitzi' brimmed hat but created with traditional couture millinery stitching. Featuring Karen's distinctive tailored and sweeping seams, the sheen of the red leather contrasts with the soft texture of the felt. 

The exhibition showcased a number of talented British milliners, and was organised by fellow milliners Edwina Ibbotson, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, and Noel Stewart. Thanks to all who came along!

The leather and felt 'Mitzi' is a one-off, but please get in touch if you're interested in commissioning your own. You can view other women's brimmed hats by Karen Henriksen in the shop.

The Craft of Millinery Exhibition 9-12 May

Karen has been working on a one-off hand-stitched brimmed hat in striking red felt and leather. The hat was designed especially for this exciting exhibition, which showcases a number of talented milliners as part of London Craft Week.

Supported by the Worshipful company of feltmakers, and hosted at the Art Workers Guild, a beautiful townhouse in Bloomsbury at 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT.

The exhibition will run 9-12 May 2018. Entry to the exhibition is free. There will also be ticketed talks and demonstrations. Please see here for further details.


Join Karen at MADE London Canary Wharf

25-29 April 2018


MADE London Canary Wharf returns for its second year in the financial district from 25th to 29th April 2018. The show is hosted in a new venue: the East Wintergarden, a stunning light-filled atrium.

The show promises to showcase the best of contemporary makers in glass, jewellery, ceramics and textiles. Join Karen to try on the latest hat styles for everyday elegance. In particular  Karen is excited to showcase the brand new PB, a generous baker boy's style cap in beautiful lambswool, and Skipton and Shelvey, two new flat caps with an innovative twist. Suitable for him or her.

Pictured: The Skipton flat cap in blue organic cotton, and the Blaize peaked cap in natural linen

Entry is free. See the show's site for further details.

Exhibiting at Premiere Classe during Paris Fashion Week

We're delighted to be returning to Premiere Classe, the trade show at Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, 1-4 March 2018. 

Presenting “Two Cities”, the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 collection inspired by exuberant Rococo fashion and hairstyles, and by architectural details around Paris and London. Expanding on this rich inspiration, this year’s collection features tactile  pleating, tailored panelling, sculptural flourishes and feminine button detailing.

We'll be presenting Karen's creative re-interpretations of hat styles such as fedoras, caps and berets - blending design innovation and craftsmanship with everyday elegance.

Now in our 11th year of exhibiting at Paris Fashion Week, we're really looking forward to connecting with our buyers, international contacts and fellow exhibitors. See you there!