'Windswept' is Karen's signature look - a small range of asymmetric caps for men and women.

But 'Windswept' is also the foundation for Karen's design ethos - Please scroll down for the full story.

Karen's 'Windswept' collection for men and women originally evolved from her 2003 MA collection at the Royal College of Art, where she presented a range of sculptural millinery on a grand scale, featuring ‘windswept’ headscarves, caps, ‘hoodies’ and sou’westers. Exuberant forms rise from the models' bodies during her final catwalk presentation, below.

The course at the Royal College was an intensive but immensely rewarding two years which gave Karen the opportunity to develop her design skills and find her own highly individual style. Her MA collection was in many ways a starting point for the business, and the origin of its distinct style and concept. 

Whilst still at the RCA, Karen won the Hat Designer of the Year competition, alongside the British Hat Guild Workmanship award for 2002, both presented by trade publication The Hat Magazine.

Karen quickly realised that the 'Windswept' concept could be applied on a more accessible and practical level, and so began to experiment with asymmetric pattern-cutting.

The result was her re-imagining of a traditional English icon, which she named the Windswept Flat Cap. This soon evolved into the best-selling unisex DC cap for both men and women, and, later, the Windswept Rain Hat. Each remains a key piece within the Windswept range, with additional variations providing seasonal or thematic touches.

See below examples of some of the 'Windswept' styles Karen has created since 2005. 

In turn, the Windswept range led to the launch of fully-fledged collections for women and for men, each incorporating a wide range of hat and cap designs. In both cases, pattern-cutting remains at the heart of Karen's creative practice and designs. It this unique sculptural approach that gives every Karen Henriksen hat its individuality. Click here to read what our current clients have to say about their hats. 

Who needs an umbrella when you have a 'Windswept' rain hat ?