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Fitting Guide|How to choose the right size for your hat

All you need to know about measuring your head size

By Clara

Here at Karen Henriksen HQ, we offer unusual designer hats caps for men, in a very wide range of sizes, and in 1cm increments. We do this because nothing compares to the comfort of a hat or flat cap that fits perfectly.

If you are a bit of a hat fan already, you may have a hat that fits you at home. It will most likely have a measurement in cm on it.

If not, then read on to measure your head size at home.


How to take my measurement?

You will need:

-a flexible sewing tape measure, or some string and a long ruler.

-a willing friend / partner/ neighbour / relative / child

Choosing your fit is quite a personal decision (and will also probably depend on the style of hat) - how would you like your hat or flat cap to feel? Snug and secure? Loose and free flowing? Or somewhere in between?

Whichever way you would like it to feel, ask your friend to wrap the tape around your forehead and the back of your head in this way. The tape should feel the way you’d like your hat or flat cap to feel.

Flat caps in particular do need to be a good fit, and can be worn in different ways - i.e. straight on, or higher on the forehead and pulled down deep at the back. The shape of your head comes into it, too - read on for more on this. (See also our post on face shapes)

Get your friend to read the measurement and make a note of it. In centimetres please!

How high should I place the tape on my forehead?

How to measure your head size By Karen Henriksen.png

It’s worth taking a moment to consider this: shallower flat caps will sit higher on your forehead than deeper styles, and some of the beret styles and trilby hats may sit a little deeper still. For Kelvin (pictured), this doesn’t make a difference to the measurement, however for somebody else it might!

You should place the tape approximately where you would like your hat to sit. Mid-forehead is a good place for most hats (see main image) but it might be lower or higher, depending on the style and your preference (as in the two smaller images here).

Head sizing: an art rather than a science

Orders from Karen Henriksen are made to size for you in the London studio. That said, if your hat doesn’t feel exactly right, please notify Karen within 5 days of receiving it. She will then make another one for you, one size up or down.

Take your head measurement with care, but remember: it is an art rather than a science…

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks to Kelvin Birk, our friend and neighbour at Cockpit Arts, for modelling.