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'Hats for Everyman' Project

Shots from the 'Hats for Everyman' project, which aims to showcase our hats being worn by real people.

It is an online showcase of Karen's designs, shown in a fun and approachable way. we've been photographing our friends and colleagues at Cockpit Arts, wearing different hats by Karen Henriksen - including Karen's signature flat caps, beret-caps, and trilby-style brimmed hats.

Huge thanks to our wonderful models - Cockpit Arts patron Eric Campus, Letterpress expert Theo Wang of SORT, and Cockpit Arts studio manager Adrian Lee.

See the full gallery here and watch out for the 'Hats for Everywoman' project coming soon!

June shows: London Fashion Week Men, and Cockpit Arts Open Studio

London Fashion Week Men's

We're thrilled to be taking part in our first ever London Fashion Week Men's, in the Designer Showrooms. The reference for fashion-led men's clothing and accessories, the show is held in the The Store Studios at 180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA, and is open to press and buyers.

The show is open 9th-12th June, Friday: 10:00 - 19:00, Saturday: 9:30 - 19:00, Sunday: 9:30 - 19:00, Monday: 9:30 - 17:00

Cockpit Arts Open Studios

Our twice-yearly Open Studios are back! Come and join us to see the workspaces of over 80 designer makers in this vibrant central London studio, which encompasses fabulous hats (ahem!), fashion accessories, jewellery, stationery, textiles and much more. Entry is free and there will be a chance to try on all your favourite hat styles.

Open studio dates: 9 – 11 June

Opening times: Fri 5 – 9pm, Sat + Sun 11am – 6pm
Cockpit Yard, Northington St, London, WC1N 2NP
Tubes: Holborn, Chancery Lane & Russell Square
Maps, directions & access info ›
Facebook event


Style guide / Women’s hats

Face shapes… and finding THE right hat for you

By Clara

There are many rules relating to face shapes and what hat styles do or don’t work… Here at Karen Henriksen HQ we think those rules are useful, but should be taken with a pinch of salt. We thought it might be useful to create a style guide specific to Karen's unique hats. But please feel free to experiment and be playful!

What is your face shape?

Ask your friends / family to take a good look at your face! It’s generally easier for others to see. 

The main face shapes are: oval, round, long, square and heart-shape. Since we've started talking about face shapes though, we are finding that most people are more than one shape, i.e. long oval, rounded square and so on. The shapes are a guideline more than a science!

I’m also including additional things to consider: the style of your hair, if you wear glasses and finally if you’ve been gifted with a wonderful Roman nose.





Main face shapes and recommended Karen Henriksen styles

-Oval shape: You're in luck as you can almost wear any hat shape! - Other factors come into consideration such as hair style and colouring.

-Heart shape: As with the oval shape, your choice of hat styles is wide! Caps, cloche hats brimmed hats and pillbox hats all work well - see model images of Alessandra and Rebekah. If you have prominent cheekbones, just make sure the crown isn't too narrow.

-Round shape: Go for asymmetric shapes and hat styles that have an angular feel: a small trilby like Sedley or Garbo: their asymmetric crown & short brim are good for round faces. Another brimmed hat, the Crawford works well too. The Kathy cloche is also good with a small round face. If it's a cap you're after, the Windswept DC design could be great. Stay away from hats that have a very round shape though, as this will accentuate your round features: avoid Sarah, and Linda for example.

-Long shape: Choose something with width - For example generous size caps such as Blaize, Linda, and Bonnie. Equally good would be wider brims, including Crawford - you could wear it quite low down to reduce length of your face. Wider cloches such as Sonia or Anne would work well too. Also a short brimmed hat such as Sarah is good as it has a bit extra width. From the Windswept collection, Georgia also has that little bit of extra width.

-Square shape: Go for an asymmetric look by wearing your hat to one side. Soften the shape of your face by choosing a hat with a rounder shape - A beret-cap such as Linda, or a wide brim with rounded crown such as the Pickford. Any berets such as Bonnie would be great, aswell as the Kathy cloche, or any short brimmed hat, would suit a small square face. The Windswept DC cap would work well too.



Other considerations: Glasses, Hair and Nose size

-Glasses: Most hats by Karen Henriksen  work with glasses - Just watch out, the Anne is a deep cloche style which isn't ideal with bigger glasses.

-Curly Hair: Avoid close-fitting crown styles such as the Petra cap- but more generous cap and beret shapes such as the BlaizeLinda and Bonnie work really well with curly hair. Broadwick is also good as it has a wide brim and wide crown.

-Straight Hair: You’re in luck as most hats can be worn with straight hair! In particular it looks nice tucked behind the ear(s) while wearing your hat. 

-Short hair: Small brimmed trilby-style hats such as the Garbo or Sedley would work well. Also for an androgynous look, try caps such as Petra and Helle.

-Wonderful Roman nose - Make full use of wide brims such as the Bergman or Crawford, Summer visors work well, or long peaked caps such as Petra, or the Windswept DC style which also features a strong peak.


Milliner's Eye

Karen has just revealed a skill I didn't know about: When a new visitor approaches (at a show for example), she can immediately visualise which style(s) would suit them! So if you’re feeling unsure which style would work best for you, please feel free to email us a picture of your face, your outfit and any questions. Or you can also get in touch to arrange a free style consultation in Karen’s London studio.