Size Guide

How to measure your head size? Read on for guidance by hat designer Karen Henriksen.

Measuring your head

To find your head size, take a tape measure around the head where the hat will sit (usually just above the ears). For flat caps, bear in mind that this might be slightly higher on the head than for other hats - we often find that people require a slightly smaller size for flat caps than for deeper-fitting styles.

The tape should feel comfortable, and exactly how you would like the hat to feel - not too tight or too loose. If your measurement falls in between the 1cm increments, it is usually best to go to the size above.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch. There is also the opportunity to add a note with your order, if you wish.

Hat sizes

To ensure a perfect fit, we now offer nearly all hats and caps in 1cm size increments.
All hats are available in the most popular sizes, with some designs available in the complete range, which is as follows: 

EX-SMALL = XS/53 and XS/54
SMALL = S/55 and S/56
MEDIUM = M/57 and M/58
LARGE = L/59 and L/60
EX-LARGE = XL/61 and XL/62


Please note - previously, our default sizes were as follows:
XS=54cm   S=56cm   M=58cm   L=60cm   XL=62cm